Restrant's name SOS ramen® shinosaka
Near station Nearest train station is JR Shin-Osaka Station.  5 minute walk from Shin-Osaka Station.
Next to Youth Hostel Shin-Osaka.
Direction Go down the stairs of East Exit of JR Shin-Osaka Station and go across a short cross walk.
Go east having the convenience store (COCO! Store) on your right.  Go south at the Sushi restaurant.
You will see a police station on your right, across the cross road.  There is a big building called 'Youth Hostel Shin-Osaka' across from the police station.
We're located next to this Youth Hostel.  At the first floor in Shin-Osaka Dai-ichi Diamond Buildling. 
Phone number 06-6326-7930  +81-6-6326-7930
Business Hours Lunch AM11:30~  Dinner PM19:00~
We will close when noodles or soup run out for the day.
Holidays We will be closed one week in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  Please call us to confirm we are open.
Tobacco No smoking in restaurant
Credit cards We do not accept credit cards.
Average Budget  to 1,000 yen
Number of seats We have 7 counter seats
Address Osaka Osaka-shi Higashiyodogawa-ku Higashinakajima 1-13-43 Shinosaka Daiichi Diamond mansion 105 JAPAN
Parking There is a coin parking nearyby.  Customer pays for their own parking.