SOS らーめん®とは・・・
What is SOS Ramen® ......

SOS らーめん®とは・・・








What is SOS Ramen® ......

It is a very spicy ramen.
We mixed ground pork and a variety of spices with our 'OK Jan'
Ⓡ  sauce.
And, added some chives and sprouts to the sauce and topped on our ramen. 

Our customers have told us that they like to enjoy it when they don't have much appetite or when they have a cold. 
They say it makes them feel energized.

Please give it a try.

We start making our soup early every morning. 

We use fresh chicken and konbu and make the soup.
It takes about 7 hours to make the soup. 

The taste is differenent from the chain restaurant soup. 
Our soup is very fresh with a lot of collagen.

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